Retail therapy

So my uni work I mentioned in my last post was all handed in yesterday. I almost had an all-nighter (got 2 hours sleep) and still didn't get all the work on my styling project finished, so god knows what grade I'll get. I have definitely learnt to NOT procrastinate. It's not worth the hassle. The stress and pressure of having so much work to do in so little time seriously took its toll on me. I'm talking stress-induced pregnancy scares, sleepless nights and spots! On the bright side, I lost 4lbs, but I don't recommend the blind-panic diet to anybody!

But today is a new day. I literally feel like I've been reborn after such a crazy few weeks! I've had a great day. I slept in til midday, had a lovely long bath, got my hair did (shaved sides!) and went shopping. I didn't get anything particularly exciting as my budget is miniscule!

I had a little dress up sesh to parade my new items. My boyfriend was glued to the xbox so its a self timed affair.

H&M baggy batwing top (it's that really distressed jersey so it's kinda see through)

H&M striped grey jersey top. I bought it with this skirt from Topshop in mind. Its covered in black matte sequins, so I was thinking of teaming it with this baggy top & hi-top converse or my DM's.

I bought this dress from h&m for £9.99!!! They had all different colours so definitely a good choice if you're shopping for xmas party outfits on a budget! I'm thinking of wearing it on saturday night, but after noticing its belly-accentuating properties in these pics, I might take it back...

Obviously because its 9.99, everyone will have one, so I'll need to put my own stamp on it. Here's an outfit idea:

I just had to have a pic with this hat before I take it back. Bought it for the shoot but can't justify keeping it because its £25 and it makes me look like I have fur for hair. But I love it, despite its flaws.

In other news, I probably put my 4lbs back on with my little snack feast me and my beau had tonight. I am a snack addict. Tesco is on my way home from work so I am always coming home with calorific bargains! If you haven't tried these Tortillas, they're 25p, go and buy them tomorrow. They'll change your life. And possibly your dress size if you eat them as frequently as I do.

Thanks for reading! Its fun to finally have the time to do a picture post!



  1. very cute things!


  2. Glad that your work is done! No more stressy for you. I have three weeks of stress left before i can collapse into a Christmas shaped heap.
    Those tortilla chips are awesome.. I use them for making nachos!
    I love the striped top, and the dress is awesome too! Don't take it back! It looks great!
    P.s.. If you find a way of prizing boyfriends from their Xboxes.. please, PLEASE, let me know the solution.

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  4. Congrats on getting all your work done! Your purchases are great and such bargains too! I love those socks in the second picutre, very Cher from Clueless (in a good way!)

  5. YUM I want those mallows.

    You look amazing; love your hair so much

  6. Thanks for the nice comments y'all!! x

    Dusky Ledoux - Am glad I have a fellow tortilla fan! No ideas on prizing boyfriends away from xboxes, because believe me, I've tried everything..! I hate that little white box.

    daisychain - Thanks so much :) xxx

  7. Those 25p tortillas are amazing! I love the striped tee x


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