Petit plaisirs

Sorry for the slight absence, I've been falling victim to my own procrastination and suffocating under my workload. I handed an essay in today and have a 10 week project to hand in tomorrow, so I have a long night on my hands, potentially an all-nighter!

The silver lining of my uni work was getting to write my postmodernism essay about the film Amelie. It was actually quite a pleasure to write, as I could waffle on about that film 'til kingdom come. I did kind of feel like I was cheating the system somehow, sitting in my Pyjamas watching the film and all of the extras on the DVD in the name of 'research'! I could never get bored of watching it. Without this film, I probably wouldn't have my permanent Parisian homage...

Researching the shit out of it did slightly spoil the illusion of the film though, for example learning that all of the scenes in Amelie's apartment block were filmed in Germany! And that she couldn't actually skim stones, they did it all digitally! And they had to digitally remove all of the dog crap off the streets! I'll just try and sweep these matters under the rug.

It's time for me to get back to this project but thought I'd leave you with a lovely clip from the film. The quality's not all that, but it's still lovely. It's about Amelie's 'petit plaisirs', the little pleasures she enjoys in life.

Do any of you have any Amelie-style quirks?

I have many, but they're not nearly as charming as Amelie's. For example I have to sniff crockery before I eat/drink out of it, to make sure it's clean! Now THAT would have been a good scene in the film. I think the writers missed a trick there. Forget skimming stones, it's all about sniffing stones! Haha, I've clearly been driven mad by exhaustion so I'll shut up now.



  1. I lovedddd that film :)
    & this blog post made me smile!

    ♥ Hannah



  2. i havent seen that film but i definitely want to now! im also currently doing coursework but it does help that im analysing an article from grazia! i just love the article so its quite easy but im only half way! i think im going to ask my friend whos amazing at english to help me! she helped me with the gcse and i got an a!
    good night x

  3. Ahh, Amelia is such a wonderful movie! It just makes me happy every time I try to watch it. I didn't know any of those info nuggets before reading this, but just try to ignore it!

  4. Ah, I love Amelie!

    When I did Post Modernism at college I got to write on Moulin Rouge. What an excuse to watch it over and over!


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