Is what I've dubbed my latest retail therapy item. (EDIT 30/11/09: I decided to google my new term and unfortunately found this!!!!) I got them in Urban Outfitters' sale today for 15 quid.

I was thinking 'Do I really need these in my life?' when I remembered how jealous I always am of Isabel (Hipster Musings)'s fleggings and it was pretty much a no-brainer.


Here's my little homage to Isabel with the cutest sweater I could find in my wardrobe and some fake specs!

On another note, my pal's at Fitness Footwear sent me the latest Fitflops ('Gogh') to try out. They're a more wintery, less flip floppy version of the regular fit flops. Umm, is it obvious that I'm mega tired right now? Anyhow, the story behind these guys is that they have 'wobbleboard' technology' in the sole which claims to make you burn more calories per step and turn your gluteus maximus into a gluteus minimus! I was pretty excited to test them out because I am a snacking fanatic and any excuse to justify snacking is welcome in my life. ('Should I be eating half a pack of cookies with X factor? Well... I did burn a gazillion calories walking to work today so I've earned it!')
I did actually wear them out quite a lot, despite my friend Hannah telling me she'd never speak to me again if I wore them to uni. And it's true, they aren't exactly an oil painting but I think they're cute in an ironic way. Sadly I found them pretty uncomfortable. I'm not used to wearing shoes that are backless so the only muscle getting a work out was my poor ankles trying to keep the damn thing on. As for results... Well, that's interesting, It's probably mostly down to uni stress but I have lost 4 lbs lately and an inch off my butt and thighs, so who knows! I'll probably continue using them, I'm planning a bit of a health kick so it'd be nice to get a work out just from walking... Plus I find it rebelliously empowering to wear shoes that make absolutely no fashion statement at all. It confuses people, and I kinda love it.

They don't look that bad, right?!

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. I'm going out with my work friends tomorrow night and it's going to get pretty messy so this is potentially the last blog I'll post with fully functioning kidneys!



  1. Aww! The best part is that I would completely wear all three of these outfits in a heartbeat. You're amazing, girl!

  2. pretty pants!


  3. I love fleggings too, love the first look especially. I agree the Fitflops don't look too bad.

  4. love the cat jumper, kitsch knitwear holds a special place in my heart!

  5. jealous of the fitflops,
    and I love the leggings!

  6. haha the fleggings are awesome, you totally pull them off with your super long legs!

  7. Those fleggings are so cute!! x

  8. super rad! love em with your kitty sweater haha you are too QT!

  9. thi is lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like your blog.


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