Cool-ish Notion!

Yes, I know I'm scraping the barrel of wordplay there, but it's a Sunday, and a hungover one at that, so forgive me!
After running some errands in town today I thought I'd pop into WH Smith and see if there were any magazines suitable for chilled sunday perusal.
The first thing that caught my eye was a glance in the 'hobbies' section, where I found that WH Smith had catered to my two loves perfectly. (Anyone that buys i-D will know that it's rather unusual to find it beside Cat magazines!)

Haha! Away from the hobbies aisle, the next thing that caught my eye was Notion Magazine, which I've never noticed before but a cover featuring a bespectacled Annie jumped right out at me! After a quick flick, I read that it was available digitally, so I ventured home to investigate (my debit card breathing a sigh of relief).
So here's the dealio. Notion is a bi-monthly music/fashion/culture lifestyle magazine. Less pretentious than Dazed, less sexy than Vice... A pretty good blend of intelligence and nonchalance. They had a page on typography (as well as a double page spread analysing brand logos in another issue) which I geekily relished.
There were some things that didn't interest me, like most of the music stuff, but it's nice to pick up a magazine I haven't read before. The tone appeals to me, as I hate magazines that are too stuffy and formal. For example, regular features 'What the fuck' and 'who the fuck' irreverently present the latest cultural happenings to the reader. There's not a huge fashion focus to the mag, but the fashion content is good. The styling of the Annie interview spread makes me happy inside & there was this cool sporty editorial in another online issue. AA Leotard and creepers... Why not?!

At a delightful 0 pounds and 0 pence online, it's definitely worth a crack!



  1. Wow, Notion looks awesome, and for free? I will definitely have to check that out!

  2. Notion looks awesome,
    damn living in a backwards village that rarely stocks the usual fashion magazine suspects, let alone the cool ones!

  3. lol I want to buy Cat World more than I-d, I'm such a fucking loser. and am gonna check out notion now! x

  4. http://alexisknox.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-loverrrly.html


  5. Thanks for the comments y'all!
    ed - short & sweet, I like it!
    Michelle - I am in utter agreement. Cat World > i-D.


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