Cities 'n' Kane!

Excuse the ridiculous title pun there. I do these things to amuse myself!

Today, I left my native Canterbury for a 'field trip' with uni to London. I decided to wear my new Christopher Kane dress, which I bought on Saturday at work with my uniform discount (60% - so it only cost £20!)

These outfit pics aren't all that clear so here's a pic of the dress on the site in all its lacey meshy glory! All the Chizzle Kizzle stuff seems to have been drastically reduced so if I were you I'd snap some of it up!

It's very see-through down one side, so I wore my mesh body... Nobody needs to see my hoiked-up-to-the-pits tights. That pleasure is reserved for my special guy! I'm sure he would debate whether 'pleasure' is the right word for it..!

It's bias-cut with no hems and the fabric falls so wonderfully. It was a pleasure to wear! Mind you, at the time, I was effing and blinding about how cold I was traipsing across London bridge in the arctic gales with only tights and mesh to keep me warm... But, I suppose every great relationship has its ups and downs!

We went to the Showstudio.com Fashion Revolution exhibition at Somerset House, which I thoroughly recommend. It's only £4 entry with a student card. There was loads of nifty exhibits like telephones playing actual voicemails from Lily Cole, Irena Lazareanu and others with goss from Fashion Week... 3 gigantic sculptures of Naomi Campbell (created by Nick Knight) which had a little screen projected onto it for decorational purposes. Here's a before and after shot of my defacing...

I don't usually partake in blog-whoring activities but I just thought it would make a jolly good photo.

There were also fashion films playing, a live photoshoot taking place and a selection of Erin O' Connor's mobile footage of backstage at Paris Couture Week. Lots to sink your fashion fangs into! I definitely suggest going to see it if you haven't already!



  1. Amazing dress! You must have been freezing on London Bridge though, it's so cold right now!

  2. Your blog is really interesting.I'm waiting for your new post.
    Have a nice day.

  3. That dress is amazing, i need it! x

  4. I love it

    may be reduced, but I can still only dream of affording it ;)

  5. thanks for your comment on my blog love, yours is amazing! love this outfit, very jelous of the ck dress and your staff discount haha!
    might check out that exhibition, thanks!

  6. Ha - you're hilarious! And i thoroughly enjoyed the pun ;)

    Love the blog, missy! xox


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