As if the Luella news wasn't bad enough...

I had to go and lose my debit card, didn't I? I had just spent about an hour organising all of the returns I needed to do from the shoot, and I went to double check I had my card before I hit the town and it was nowhere to be found! Cue an hour of frantically upturning my flat to no avail. Mega stressful.
Prior to this, I'd had quite a chilled day, watching Amelie with the director's commentary for a uni essay. I love loafing about eating snacks and watching DVD's in the name of research.

Loafing attire:

Tee - Henry Holland for Debenhams, Leggings - Blue Inc, Hat - Topshop Slippers - Primark

I never told y'all about my bra-fit at Debenhams. Debenhams kindly invited me along to have my lady lumps measured and get a lovely new set of undies. Any regular readers will know I'm a bit of an underwear fanatic so naturally I was on the next train to London!
A lovely girl called Jade was assisting me and she was fantastic! The bra set I wanted, I needed in the next size up but they didn't have it so I was feeling pretty dead inside about it, but Jade got me to put the smaller one on and with the joys of tightening the bra straps and adjusting the back, it turned out to be the perfect fit! So here, I present to you... the loveliest bra ever! It's by Floozie. Which is precisely what I didn't want to look like when modelling it for you lot, so I teamed it with My New Hat (that shall never be removed now I've learnt the joys of hiding grubby hair!) and some Docs.

Skirt - h&m via jumble sale Specs - Brighton Lanes, Tights - h&m Hat - Welded to model's head

I'm just in love with it. I have tried on tens of the Topshop longline style but can never find one that suits the, err.. Curvaceous bust! So I'm v pleased. And parading about in it has certainly cheered me up after such a hideous afternoon!

Hope you've have had a calmer Wednesday than me?


  1. Love the new underwear, theyre so pretty. Lovely hat too.

  2. Lovely set, I too am searching for a more generous longline bra. Should've known Debs would fit the bill. Hope you sort the debit card.

  3. Cute underwear, so pretty!! Longline bra's are so flattering, glad that they seems to be everywhere at the moment :)
    That hat is pretty rad too,

    Kitty x

  4. I love that bra so much.
    Shame I can never buy anything other than kids ones :(

  5. I like the shape of it, how its longer like a crop top but still a bra, really cute.
    Rianna Bethany

  6. Wow, that bra is awesome, I am now more keen than ever to get to Debenhams and check out Floozie myself!


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