A sweet treat from Giles

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I am loving the new collaboration between Giles Deacon & the Cadbury's Bunny! What a cute idea! The bunny (rated the 3rd sexiest cartoon character, apparently... But that may change now!), who was previously nakey except for her pussybow neck tie, now has a gorge polka dot prom dress to protect her modesty, created exclusively for her by Giles to celebrate the new Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles collection. Apparently they taste amazing, btw, but I'm yet to find any for sale in my 'hood! Pretty annoying. In fact, I'm hopping mad about it..! Get it...?!


I actually have some rather juicy Giles x Cadbury related goss for you that you won't want to miss so watch this space...

In the mean time, join me in the rather peculiar experience of envying the physique (and attire, obvz) of a cartoon small mammal.



  1. =)
    the dress is almost as yummy as the chocolates are!

  2. I wish I was the cadbury bunny too!! Those caramel nipples are amazing too - new addiction!

    Kitty x



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