Today's outfit...

I wore one of my favouritest Parisian purchases to work today. It's a cute little pair of floral dungarees I bought for 3 Euros in a vintage shop. I had to shorten the legs a bit as they were very unflattering before, but that made for a fun craft project in between house work and wii fit on my day off yesterday!

Time for dinner now, courtest of chef Alex and then Derren Brown and Peep Show on Channel 4! I live for TV nights!



  1. Did he really glue people to seats? I wanted to watch that, but had to go out! I love these dungarees!
    Also, is Wii fit fun? I have been toying with the idea of getting one for ages now.. x

  2. I'm afraid Derren didn't work his magic on me, my boyf, or anyone we know! I think it nearly worked on me... When I stood up off the sofa I kinda felt like I was being puilled back down!
    As for Wii Fit... I think it works if you have the willpower to keep at it and it is pretty fun. I'm yet to lose any weight on it yet but that's mainly to do with my own bad habits and lack of willpower!


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