To buy or not to buy...

Alex & Chloe are having an online sample sale which is brimming with cheap treats (caution: may include francophilia).

(Translates as 'I'm too sexy for this shirt'!)

Seeing as my student loan has reared it's sexy head today, I may have to treat myself to the Bonjour necklace. I saw it on someone else's blog over a year ago and wanted it back then so am super happy it's now tres cheap.

Having said that, I have been questioning my attitude to buying stuff recently... It's not that I am a spendaholic, not by any means, but it's the fact that I go off a lot of the things I do buy so quickly. One minute I think I can't even imagine life without a particular item, next minute it has lost it's shine and is languishing, unloved, on my bedroom floor and may or may not have a cat fast asleep on top of it.

I'm not sure whether it's just my fickle nature or simply that a lot of my purchases are from Topshop these days, as a result of having deliciously new items being thrust in my face on a daily basis. And then more new stuff, which makes the old new stuff seem very old indeed... On closer inspection it would seem that I am inarticulately describing the very nature of this Fashion malarkey I have decided to make a career out of, and the moral crises that come with it!

I'm not about to open the labyrinthine 'morals & fashion' can of worms because it usually leads me to the conclusion that I kinda hate fashion a bit (well, fast fashion, at least)! So I'll brush that one under the rug for the time being! And shall instead, gaze at the Topshop dress that came in today that I am 99% sure I can't live without but, in protest against myself, will definitely not be buying... for now!



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