More Lizzle Fizzle Wizzle reflection

Starting with my one true love, Luella. I have to say this collection didn't excite me as much as previous collections, there wasn't as much of the subversive undercurrent I've come to love from her, but there were a few really lovely looks that more than made up for it. I mean, how can you stay mad at the lady who created these polka dot trousers! It's impossible!

The PPQ collection was a bit 'meh'-inducing... I adore the pink jumpsuit and the black one is nice too, but the rest of the collection does nothing for me, which is a shame because I always look forward to their show as it is usually right up my alley. There seems to be a lot of random pieces and the collection in general lacks a sense of direction and thematicism that the duo usually posess in spades.



I really loved the Peter Pilotto collection, which was a structured, yet sexy affair with Deep V's aplenty! The cut of the crossover style dress is perfection, as well as the jackets.

Last but not least is the only look I liked from the House of Holland collection, which Sarah Mower ripped a new a-hole, for lack of a better phrase, in her review on style.com. A highly amusing read! For those who can't be bothered to click the link, here's a highlight: " ...a presentation with very little substance and plenty of ironically tacky clothes that are actually genuinely tacky, too (how else to describe tangerine lace?). Today's show was little more than a barely concealed excuse for a party and extravagant posing for magazines and bloggers in the front row".

After all that, Louise Gray remains my LFW favourite!

Did you have a favourite?


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  1. The Style.com review is hilarious, she must have written it before she had her morning coffee!

    That said, it's nice to read some honesty. I've been following this year's London and New York coverage and most of it has been really fawning. I know we're in 'difficult financial circumstances' but everything can't always be 'amazing' and 'astounding', can it?


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