Hot mesh


I'd just quickly like to mention that I joined bloglovin this eve, so hit me up on the left sidebar!

Back to business. I've been loving the Urban Outfitters sale over the last week. My uni is in Chatham, a hideous little town which holds little shopping prospects and ought to be approached with caution - and preferably a stab-vest. So it's pretty cool that Bluewater is only a 20 minute drive away, for all my Urban Outfitters and Kripsy Kreme needs. I have some serious Krispy Kreme needs.

I bought this mesh body for 9.99, which I wore to work today with a strategically placed denim jacket! It's not as see thru as the flash makes it look (otherwise I certainly wouldn't risk wearing it to work!) It's double layered so you can't really see much at all.

I bought this zippy crop top for 9.99

(I stumbled upon some cat eye glasses I bought on ebay last year which always bring out the batty old lady in me.)

I also bought this quilted duffle bag for 14.99

I dyed my hair darker this morning. 'Cyber Purple' appealed to me on many levels, eg. intaweb connotationz. And the fact that my hair now almost matches my Emma Cooks!



  1. I hate when things look opaque in person and then see-through in a camera's flash. So frustrating! It's like, "I'm really not walking around LIKE THAT."

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  3. thanx alot 4 the blog comment!
    I think you'd make a great fashion journalist!
    Tomorrow x

  4. Love the denim jacket and belt....and the leopard print trousers - very cool...love the look and enjoy the blog

    Laura xxx

  5. You look so flipping cute in those glasses!!

  6. Hello, thank you for commetning my blog :)
    I adore your quilted duffle bag! And I loads agree, that stud leather jacket doesn't sit right :( But it does on the models in the window of my local, so maybe I might buy it and if I can't get it to sit right, I'll take it back. Dead gutted by it! It should have popper studs so you can press down the collar!


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