Au revoir!

Just a quickie to say that I won't be blogging for a week as I am off to Paris!
I bought the Emma Cook boots today (red ones)! It was a whirlwind trip to London as I had so much Paris prep to do, so I was only there for about 2 hours. It was rather the rollercoaster ride... high point - buying the beloved boots, low point - getting caught sniffing my armpits on the train when I thought nobody could see me! Damn you, reflective over-head luggage compartment. An epic fail for all involved. And a general low point for my otherwise glamourous demeanour!

C'est la vie!

Back soon! xoxo


  1. Lol, very glam indeed. The very image made me giggle.Oooh cannot wait to see these beauties on this blog. Have a lovely time in Paris, so jealous!

  2. ahhhhh you got the boots! woo hoo! have fun in paris xoxoox

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  4. Ahhh the red emma cook boots and paris - your one very lucky girl! hope you had an amazing time :)



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