Mail + cat = happiness

Don't you just love getting cute stuff in the post? Here's my Tatty Devine telephone rings I bought (1 for me, 1 for a friend). Well, more precisely here is the parcel I received as I forgot to take a pic of the ring in action!

Here's what I wore today:

Shoes - Lillywhites via Charity Shop, Playsuit - Topshop, Jersey-Denim (Jenim?) jacket - h&m, Handbag - vintage

Here's a couple of pictures of my amazing cat Roxy. She is the love of my life (soz, boyf!). Alex and I just moved to a new flat and Roxy's been working out where's best to hang out and the blue rug is clearly the place to be. It seems to render her limbs totally useless as she's always just flops to the floor, a little like the trick she never effing learnt. Regardless of her useless limbs, she's happy. She is actually smiling in the second picture!

Time to chillax in front of the TV as I have slept so badly the last couple nights that I feel like a zombie. A cocktail of Marshmallows and Channel 4 will hopefully aid my much needed relaxation!



  1. Cute outfit and the rings sound fun. Roxy is a great name for a cat. :)

  2. I love super-relaxed pets. So cute.

  3. What an adorable kitty! Your outfit rocks :)


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