I love the smell of uniform in the morning...

So it's uniform time at Topshop at the moment (which means 60% discount off 3 items for me).

My first item came yesterday in the form of an Emma Cook for Topshop oversized vest with cute print. I didn't manage to take an outfit pic when I wore it to work today, but snatched a pic off the Topshop website.

It's made with cashmere so is really soft.

My second item was purchased today, almost instantly after spotting them! It was love at first sight. Not least because they are named 'Shallow', which is fitting for me..! Had a very quick dress up session with them when I got in but am feeling very weary (and it shows) so more experimentation will commence tomorrow.

Shirt - charity shop

So I have one more piece of uniform to buy and I'm gonna hold out til I find the perfect item! I'm thinking something season-appropriate (weather-wise) such as a nice bit of knitwear or some sturdy jeans. Watch this space!

Here's what I wore to work yesterday:

Vintage swimsuit/dress - charity shop, Jacket - ye olde topshop, Scarf - charity shop

I love the swimdress as it creates the illusion of an hourglass which I definitely don't posess.

My little blue flip flops are the ridicule of my friend Hannah who tells me they are the sort of thing a chavvy teen mother would wear. I had a pair of nice white leather sandals from Topshop but lost one in the move (?!) so my flip flops have had to suffice until I find a suitable replacement, or the prodigal sandal!



  1. love the shoes, the lace up is a great feature

  2. I love love love the eiffel tower tattoo! x

  3. I love that dress, it's such a nice shape!

  4. Those heels are undeniably amazing. You done good, woman!


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