Gimme a ring!

Perusing the blogosphere, I saw a post on Kingdom of Style about Tatty Devine's sale. I don't normally find Tatty Devine stuff very 'me'. Not to mention it being out of my price range. But I was very taken when I saw these cute telephone and cat rings..:

Sadly, I ordered the telephone ring in such haste that it wasn't until afterwards that I saw the cat ring. But it is twice the price of the £4.50 telephone ring so maybe such a luxury will have to wait until next payday. Having said that I was genuinely considering spending £350 on some Emma Cook boots on ebay the other day. *sigh* I actually dream about finding a pair in a charity shop. Only to wake up feeling crushed by the truth. And the fact that her AW09 versions aren't a patch on the dream boots.

Let me take a moment to regain the will to live.

In other news, I saw these courts in M&S today whilst my mother was dragging me around looking for the mum-wardrobe-staple, the linen trouser. I didn't purchase as they didn't have my size but am going to try and order them, as they are the perfect height for wearing to work and are a snip at £15!




  1. Oh I was looking for this boutique's name for ages! Thanks for this post :)) Your purchases are great!

  2. I agree that Tatty Devine is so overpriced! Their stuff is cute, but I never bother to look at it 'cause the price is exorbitant not to mention the exchange rate! Glad you found a cute deal though.

  3. Tatty Devine is pretty cool for the more down-played stuff, wouldn't wear half the necklaces but some of the rings (including the cat one, love it!) are very cool.

  4. Those shoes are something lese! Very sexy... I feel like I need some animal prints now...


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