Emma Cook Boots AW/09

So, the new Emma Cook boots were due in at the Topshop Flagship today and after being informed they won't be available online due to legal matters, I spent much of my time bothering the Topshop shoe department over the phone to reserve me a couple of pairs. As yet, they have still not arrived, so I will be ringing back tomorrow - first thing! Luckily I have a few days off before I go to Paris on Wednesday so it won't be too much bother to trek to London. If they're not instore by the time i'm in Paris... well, I'm not even going to contemplate that because I may weep into the keyboard of my Mac and it might explode.

Anyway, I was mucking about on Polyvore and noticed 2 pairs of boots from the new collection I've never seen before. And I actually prefer them to the ones that have had more coverage.

They don't have the look of the classic brothel creeper style boots she originally did and has revamped for this season, but I'm sure she wants to show that there's more to her than a chunky sole and pair of laces. Btw, here are the afore-mentioned AW09 versions of her brother creeper boots:

I do quite like the red ones. I'll certainly try them on! My boyfriend doesn't condone me spending £140 on boots but he clearly doesn't understand the term investment!



  1. That tan coloured one is really lovely! Good luck on getting a pair!

  2. Hmm, the black could come in handy.

  3. love love love these shoes -all of them x

  4. I adoreee the black pair...
    damn, I wish i lived in the UK...


  5. I'm not usually a big fan of wedges, but the first 2 pairs are yum!
    xx-LJ from SOS!


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