Denim day

Last week, I went to stay with my family who live in this small town that is bursting with Charity shops. I found some high waisted skinny Levi's (made them skinnier with the sewing machine) & found a cute little top for 50p that enhances the 50's vibe.

I also found a denim jacket (pictured in next post) from Topshop for £1! And my mum showed me this Levi's acid washed jacket she's had since 1901 or whenever it was she was growing up.. She put it on, asking me if she could still get away with it but the answer was definitely a no. It was a bitter pill for my 51 year old mum to swallow, but she saw sense and we mutually decided it would look best on my boyfriend, Alex!

After I got back home to Kent and presented Alex with the jacket (he hearted it), he went to a gig for the rest of the night. I knew I had to tidy the bedroom which looked like a bomb site, clothes everywhere, but I am congenitally untidy and when faced with the challenge of tidying the bedroom, my mind goes to great lengths to distract me from the task at hand. This time, it convinced me that rolling my fringe & putting on a headscarf and flicky makeup was definitely more important than tidying. So I obeyed!

I'm weak. And my room is still a tip.


  1. Was so much fun! i love our photos!!! you look beautiful here! absolutely stunningxxxx hope you got home okx

  2. Hey you! It was awesome meeting you and really hope you made your train...did you? Hope we all get to meet up again soon!

  3. arrrggg the levis and top such a cute look!!!! i love love the fit of those jeans!


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