T-shirt DIY

Take 50p, A t-shirt from the 50p-rail in Age Concern, scissors and patience.



I debuted it at work today and it got many weird looks which has made me think I have delusions of grandeur of this t-shirt... Maybe it's not as cool as I think it is? But having said that, mass acceptance is not conducive to my inner peace.

I wore it with a fluoro yellow and black vintage swimsuit (see a few posts back for a pic) and wellies as it was pissing it down.

I plan to do this kind of project again and I think I won't do the sleeves too next time. I might just leave them and do the bottom. Next on my DIY list is chopping my Topshop Pippa jeans to buggery as they have already ripped and I figured mutilating them would be more fun than exchanging them for boring new jeans.

I tried this flicky 'Rihanna eye' make-up tutorial I saw on Flying Saucer this morning. Unfortunately it looked good for about half an hour and I consequently spent my entire shift checking my reflection every 15 minutes for under-eye smudgage (a word? It should be.)



  1. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and really like it :) keep up the good work! I should be visiting on a regular basis.

    What eyeliner did you use?
    To keep this kind of graphic eye makeup looking impecable, it's good to use a gel eyeliner (like Bobbi Brown or MAC pot liners) or a longlasting liquid liner such as MAC Liquidlast. A cheaper version of the latter is GOSH Extreme Art Liners - they come in beautiful colours and cost about 6 quid.

  2. Your eyes look seriously AMAZING like that! And I'm totally in love with that t-shirt. It is definitely super cool!

  3. Nice work on the shirt. Great makeup too.

  4. I actually like the shirt! Maybe people were just suprised because it was at work- seems like something I would wear over the weekend.

    and even if it isn't that durable, the eye makeup looks great on you!

  5. Love your make up, you're very pretty. I love the way you write, you sound very intelligent.


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