What a lovvellly weekend it's been down south! The weather has been scrummy. The only downside is my hay fever seems to have kicked in today which is a bummer.
I went to a sleepover last night. It was a chilled night, watching Britain's got Talent, drinking Fanta and playing the Wii. I do love a night in. I've been getting very brittle nails of late from alcohol intake!
Here's yesterday & today's outfits:

baseball shirt - delia's, skirt - h&m, shoes - primark. zip dress - h&m, jacket - topshop

I found a couple of things in the charity shops yesterday. I'm not sure how best to wear either but at 50p each I couldn't reist!

I don't often wear scarves but the nautical/french colours and horsies attracted me! Not sure what to wear it with though...

I was rummaging through my vintage gear to earlier to put some of it on ebay this eve and came across a number of swimsuits I've amassed since last summer and have been waiting for the right moment to put them on (still a bit early, i feel). Here's some highlights. They provide quite the visual feast with all the colours and prints!

If you're into selling vintage stuff on ebay, my number one tip is don't be afraid to rummage through used swimwear in charity shops! I know that sounds a bit icky but they can be a goldmine. I was selling used swimwear (the more of a 50's silhouette or ker-azy print, the better) last summer and getting no less than £15 for each of them.

I shall leave you with that pearl of wisdom and retire for the evening to watch Come Dine With Me with my lover and my cat, whilst ironically eating a 99p microwave fish pie.

ps - Leggings surgery has been re-scheduled for tomorrow afternoon!


  1. If alcohol causes brittle nails...well, that explains a lot! :-)

  2. Loving the swimsuits, I work at TS too! How do u find it?


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