Dressed for success.

I've been having a bit of a naff time at work lately and finding it a real drag to go in. So I decided today to put mind over matter and I figured that if I dress up all formal-like, I might feel more professional and have a better time. It worked, and as a result I had a nice day.
Did anyone else have a big storm today? I love storms! I can usually tell when there's going to be one because I get a big headache (when I was younger I used to get terrible nosebleeds if a storm was brewing. Yuck.) but today's one crept up on me. It happened about 2 minutes before I got home from work so I received a slight drenching and then spent a little while consoling little Roxy (my lolcat) who was very confused about all the thunder! Poor thing!

Here's my outfit:

shirt & skirt - h&m, shoes - topshop, necklace/clock - urban outfitters, belt - charity shop

Here's a close up of the clock, my friends bought it for me for my bday (which isn't til 4th June but they've all gone back home for the Summer so I got it early!) I absolutely adore it. I'm having quite a horsey moment in my life, really.

I bought this belt today after a customer queried the price of it and it turned out to be £7, down from £25. It doesn't look that nice but at an RRP of £25, it's quite a refreshing change to my usual structurally unsound vintage belts which are ready to snap at any given moment (or with any given humous-loaded breadstick - my snack du jour).

I have a day off tomorrow and am planning a charity shop pound-rail hunt for t-shirts that I can mutilate. I want to experiment with a few different styles... The one shoulder cropped shape, and fringing.

I shall update on the morrow!



  1. love that necklace! i also like finding sale stuff that customers bring to the till, got a pair of grey leggings for a fiver the other day! annoyed cos i've been roped into stocktake...sunday morning at 7am, no lie-in for me.

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet blog comment! I absolutely love this outfit. :)


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