My life in pictures!

Bonjour! I've been up to my eyes in Uni work and my new job at Topshop so thanks for bearing with me, this is probably the way things will be from now. It's been hard to remember to take outfit pictures because the moment I get home I'm usually changing straight into my PJ's and loafing on the sofa or napping! So here's a couple of uni outfits I did manage to snap, one of which was taken in the train station toilet - classy!

Tee - Paris
Cardi - h&m
Skirt - Topshop
Socks - H&M
Shoes - H&M

Polo shirt - Topshop
Shorts - George via Ebay
Scarf (belt) - H&M
Tights - Primark
Boots - Converse

I also got a new batwing T-shirt Dress in Toppers and found some amazing vintage Bally patent boots but unfortunately my left foot is a tiny bit too big for them so they'll be hitting ebay rather soon! Have put my little duct tape hair bow in the picture because it just fits nicely, and had it not been for my rubbish left foot, this could've been a fab outfit indeed:

Will aim to take more proper pictures because I am aware this blog is on a downward spiral to shitdom! I wore a flapper dress with a big Parker jacket over today which I shall try and get a picture of because I thought it looked rather cool in a juxtaposey mixy uppy way!

Enjoy your evening!



Happy blogday to meeee!

Yesterday, my style blog turned 1 year old. Aww bless it!

Thanks to everyone that reads this blog, it means lots to me!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!



New items & DIY!

I've been a busy little bee what with my new job and uni etc. As predicted, working in a stylistically competitive environment has forced some creativity out of me and thus the style mojo has returned - for now!
In other news, I've debuted my stripey Monsoon tights which I bought months and months ago. Here are my legs on the way to uni the other day:

Socks - Primark
Shoes - Charity Shop
Dress (barely visible) - H&M

And that evening with my new high-waisted shorts from Ebay which I just love! Wellies were a must as I was off to the Topshop student shop event and it was pissing it down. I had planned wedges but I'm glad it rained because I think wellies give the impression an outfit was just thrown together in 2 mins, which of course mine scarcely are :)

Dress (worn as top) - H&M
Socks - H&M
Necklace - Claire's
Bow - see below!
Belt - Charity Shop

In my hair I'm wearing the big bow I made out of duct tape (not my first foray into the world of duct tape crafts!) Am happy to post a tutorial if anyone wants one.

Here's what I wore to work yesterday:

Tee - Topshop (has the most delightful exposed zip on the back!)
Bow - Car Boot Sale
Scarf (worn as belt) - H&M
Ribbed Tights - Primark
Socks - H&M
Boots - Converse

I have a tres early morning tomorrow as we are having a lecture about trend forecasting which should be interesting! So I'm gonna take myself off to bed to wind down and read this month's yawn-worthy issue of Elle.. I hate when you wait all month for a mag to come out and when it does it just leaves you high and dry! Bloody Elle. An unintentional joke there!

Bon soir xoxo


I am in love!

With my new glasses!
I got them from a super cheap ebay store who have just started selling different coloured ones. Aren't they sweet! £8 including shipping from USA! I love how they fade from dark grey to clear.

Here are the others that they do:

I WAS going to get these from Urban Outfitters (sorry for teeny pic):

I did obsess over them for a good few hours but at 19.99 including shipping, It was an indulgence too far. They've sold out anyway now so I can just put them in the past, move on and enjoy my long and happy future with my cats eye specs. Plus anything to do with cats is a good sign, in my book.



LOST: Style Mojo!

I'm not sure if I just need a shopping spree, but I recently feel like I not only have nothing to wear, but I just can't think of new ways to wear the stuff I do own. I have rarely had this problem before. I decided to play a bit of dress up this evening and I think the first outfit demonstrates my point brilliantly...

Peculiar 'mid-waist' shorts? CHECK! Visibly cheap & irrelevant shoes? CHECK! Pastel woolliness? CHECK!

What is happening to me? I hope it's just a lack of inspiration. It's not even that the outfit is THAT bad, but it just doesn't reflect me at all. Not one iota. Where is the rock chick undertone? Nowhere!

Anyway, things improved slightly with the entrance of my bad-ass-bitch side!

A slightly less bad-ass variation on the theme (ie. heels instead of cons!):

I cheered myself up after my identity crisis by wearing my new Marimekko h&m playsuit. I found it on Ebay recently and it was one of the happiest moments of my month! When I went to Paris earlier in the year, around the time the h&m Marimekko stuff just came out, I trawled every h&m looking for it. "AVES VOUS MARIMEKKO???" I asked the sales assistants who didn't have the foggiest idea what I was on about, even though a couple of the h&m's did actually have it! Just as well I wasn't a mystery shopper otherwise they'd have lost serious marks for product knowledge! I digress, the lovely playsuit was nowhere to be found.
Until now!

I haven't outed it yet, Am a bit worried about the bumminess of it (as demonstrated below!) Is it okay to practically reveal buttcheek if there's some opaques thrown in the mix? I hope so! Because I'm loving this. Maybe with a long cardi it will be better, not to mention warmer.

I love how the shorts are really puffy, they make me look quite bootylicious, which I don't mind at all!

I think I'll go round the charity shops tomorrow and look for some new clobber. What I really want is some high waisted denim shorts and a few cute slight-baggy t-shirts. Preferably with cats on. I think that could be the cure. Cats are always the cure.