Bows 'n' buttons!

I found a purpose for one of my lovely buttons!

I decided to make a little bow, Gossip Girl stylee! I stuck a safety pin on the back so I can stick it on anything.

Tee - charity shop
Skirt - Primark
Tights - 'Sco
Shoes - Ebay
Apple - Somerfield

I'm really into 'barely black' tights. One of my pet hates is black opaques with black shoes. It all just blurs into insignificance.
So barely black tights are good because you have the coverage but also, shoes are still noticeable. Sorry for my meandering babble and stating of the obvious. It's been a lonnng day!




My boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Brighton with our pals Dan & Danielle. To sum the weekend up in 5 words: Pizza. Eurovision. Sunshine. Laughter. CarBootSale (Okay I cheated a bit there..!)

One of Danielle's work mates at h&m told us Gok Wan came in merely minutes before us. So we were keeping our peepers open hoping to spot him! But no joy. The man irritates the hell out of me, but still, it would've been fun to see him regardless. Who knows, he may even have grabbed my 'bangers', as he so eloquently puts it. Haha. Sorry to any non-UK readers, whose head the last couple of sentences have flown over.

Anywho, here's what I wore yesterday:

t-shirt - paris, bow belt - new look, skirt - h&m, flip flops - Primark, shades - Car Boot, Bag - Primark

And, much more importantly, here's what I bought at the Car Boot sale - lots of buttons!!

I bought lots of each of these. I love the telephones most!

Now I'm just plotting what to do with them...



Selling thingies on ebay!

I'm selling vintage swimwear, and THAT primark Luella dress!

Clickety Click

Go see! xo


J'<3 Paris!

Here's an array of outfits I wore on my weekend in Parisss! If you have any questions on where a particular item is from, just comment, because I'm a tad strapped for time so can't type it all out now (you can bet your bottom dollar it's mostly primark and second hand)! I'm thoroughly depressed to be home. Paris was lovely. And I got a 'J'<3 Paris' tee!!! And a Paris charm bracelet. Couldn't find a Marimekko for h&m playsuit though :-(

Juxtaposition of my cheap as chips outfit & Louis V!

Here's what I wore on our uber posh dinner on board a boat on the river Seine!

My face was a bit crap in this one, so I have placed a nicely co-ordinated mustard blob on my face. :-)

So much fun. I've missed blogging and reading all of my favourite blogs, though so am in some respects happy to be home, and reunited with the Mac!



So, the night before we went to Paris, I went to see The Movielife & Set Your Goals at the Kingston Peel in London.

Here's what I wore travelling with my huuuuuuge suitcase to the hotel before we set off to the gig:

Then I popped to h&m and bought a new dress and wore it to the gig:

It was an amaaazing night! The singer of old Drive-Thru band Midtown was there so he came on stage and did an old Midtown song and everyone went bananas! A fab night!

Gonna do a Paris post shortly.


Home sweet home!

Well, almost. On the way home from paris at the moment and i'm dying of boredom so i thought i'd share with you what i ate today... frog's legs! I couldn't leave paris without trying them! The verdict was : fairly enjoyable (if slightly morally wrong), but fiddly to eat (lots of little bones!) I've plenty of pics to force upon your peepers when I've uploaded them so watch this space! X o


My week in pictures!

I'm off to Paris tomorrow so will be out of action until around next tuesday. Well, I'm leaving home tomorrow to go to a gig in london then going to Paris early friday morning. It seems I do nothing for months then all the fun things happen back to back!

Anyone know any cool stores or places to go/see in Paris?

Here are my recent outfits. Sunshine = lack of clothes = kinda boring!

All shades - Car Boot Sale
Purple dress - £1 Primark sale last summer
Bow Belt - New Look
Salmon pink dress - New Look
Nautical bikini - Primark
White tee - Primark
Shorts - New Look
White sandals - Topshop
Beads - Car Boot Sale

I've also been loving big bows:

And orange eyes (If I can't have orange hair, I'll settle for the eyes!):

Polka dot dress - Primark
Eyeshadow - Stargazer
Bow - Car Boot Sale

I love typing out wear I've bought all my stuff. It's all so bargainous! Although in this post I'm not exhibiting much style, I think generally I do the style-on-a-shoestring thing pretty well! I guess it's because I have to, as I am so skint all the time.

I find it disheartening when I go on some blogs and the amazing outfits are unattainable to me because they are from expensive shops/designers. That's kind of why I started the blog, actually. It's a shame Miss Woo already coined the term cheapskate chic, because that sums up my ethos! :) Maybe I'll change the blog to... Skint Style! Hehe.

Anyway I must stop virtual-nattering, and pack for gay Paris! Give me tips on things to see & do!



Style appreciation!

This is Katy Perry. She had a record out last year that was good fun (she did that song 'ur so gay'), but her new stuff is sooo good! I am totally addicted to her song 'I kissed a girl', but that's not all - her style is so yummy. For 50's lovers like me, anyway!

New pics for her new single:

How delectable is that playsuit?! The belt is h&m.

Here are other pics of her style from the last year or so:

Delightful! She is Travis from Gym Class Heroes' girlfriend - some interesting (?) trivia for you there!

You've gotta check the afore-mentioned 'i kissed a girl' out! I'm not usually a music-peer-pressuriser (new word!) but this is an exception!



Birthday bits

So it was my BFF Katie's Birthday party yesterday. I went as Minnie Mouse but don't have a full length pic of my outfit. Just the ears I made! I'm so proud of them. I want to wear them all the time! I'm feeling a tad vile today though. Was up most of the night being sick. I forgot to feed my tummy before filling it with vodka. :-(.

Here's me and my ears:

(Not topless, just wearing strapless top. Airing my sunburn!)

Money is a bit non-existent in the world of Gem, so I made Katie's gifts. I made her some Chocolate chip brownies and decorated a little box to put them in. And made her a friendship bracelet and put it in a <3 shaped box with confetti in. Hehe. No expense spared! I think DIY gifts are nicer anyway, more personal :-)

The party was a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll be able to post a pic of my outfit when everyone else uploads their pics on Facebook (Yuck. Hate Facebook) because I didn't take many pics.

Gossip Girl in 15 mins!! Hooray!



Car Boot Sale!

Here's what I wore today:

Oversized tee - charity shop
Belt - " "
Cardi - h&m
Beads - car boot sale
Leggings - h&m
Sunglasses - car boot
Jazz shoes - ebay

I went to a Car Boot sale this morning with mummy dearest! It was fab!

I bought a large pink cat sweater:

Lots o sunglasses:

Material for my bi-annual bouts of creativity:

New neck wear:

Hairbows - 3 for 50p, couldn't refuse!

I also found a red & white polka dot skirt for my Minnie Mouse outfit (going to a fancy dress party on wednesday) but forgot to take a pic. Can't wait to be Minnie Mouse! Making my mouse ears tomorrow. Watch this space..!

The weather's been amazing this weekend. I am only truly happy when the sun is shining.


Just a quickie!

Just a quick post with some pics of recent outfits that are clogging up my phone!

Out at my sister's bday meal:

Me totally defeating the object of my Adios 'slimming aid' tablets, by scoffing a cheesecake!

Shirt - Charity shop, I think
Jeans - Primark
Wedges - Matalan (£6!!)
Hairband - Oasis

At work the other night:

Polka dot dress - Topshop via Charity shop
Polo shirt - QS
Necklace - Charity shop

Shopping in town yesterday (pic taken in QS changing room! Tried on a cute dress but looked crap on. I hate that):

T-shirt - Woolworth's kids
Swimsuit - Charity Shop
Skirt - h&m
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Cat brooch - Can't remember