New stuff!

I got some more new stuff from Primark yesterday. I still haven't posted pics of my purchases from the other day, but I will soon.

Here's the dress (£12) I kinda feel like a 40's housewife in it:

The shoes are from a dance shop. I had to buy them when I was in the college musical and I thought they were h to the ideous. But now I rather like them! The heel is such a comfy height.

New tee:

I love my ruffles, and that includes pretend ones drawn on!

I also went to Topshop and tried on those Jodhpur/Leggings/'Treggings' they have. But they were seriously unflattering. I might've still bought them if they weren't £28. That's just a tad too pricey for my liking!




I wore my new Primark vest over a Fred Perry polo shirt today. I'm going shopping again tomorrow. I've got clip-in hair extensions, a cute tee from Primark and maybe some new shoes on my shopping list.

I've been getting sick of my short hair lately. I like having it short but its getting way too overgrown and I'm not sure what to do with it. So rather than waste loads of moneys on proper extensions, I thought I might just have a play with temporary ones. I've also been toying with the idea of going bright orange. I don't intend to be a second rate Agyness, honestly! It just kinda happens..! What do you think? Shall I keep it blonde or go orange? I'm open to any suggestions! I'm just sooo bored with my bonce.

My boss at the hip cafe gave me a fortune cookie today! I love anything to do with predicting. Like my magic 8 ball key ring. Anyway, it said 'You will have success in everything you do next Monday'. Very specific! Time shall tell... Maybe I'll buy a zillion lottery tickets on monday.

I just watched a movie called Death Sentence. It was so scary! Gorey! Awful. I cried. It was very gritty indeed. On the subject of movies, WATCH DISTURBIA! It's fabulous.



Today's outfit

It's super cold outside. Apparently it's going to snow at the weekend which will be fun. I've been gorging myself on Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Yummm. I love B&J. I should call this blog 'Gem Fatale's Food & Pet Blog' seeing as that's all I rabbit (oops, another pet reference!) on about. I shall try and limit my witterings to apparel only.

Here's my outfit:

Cat Jumper - Charity shop
Blue & Grey tee - Primark
Brown Shorts - New Look
Leggings - h&m
Flats (AKA - comfiest shoes ever!) - Primark

2 of these garments were purchased yesterday during my long awaited, MUCH anticipated trip to Primark (it's a bit of a mission away so it's always a big deal when I get to go!)

I spent £50, which in terms of Primark is quite a lot, but I did buy 18 items, so they averaged at £2.7777 each! I love my bargains, as you know. Who doesn't? Nautical was very much the theme of my purchasing. I got the most fabulous bikini. I'll post some pics when I have some more time. Right now there's more B&J to be consumed!


Pregnant Cat Update: Roxy's bump is starting to show!! So cute.


Yet another Polywhore

I've been a member on the Polyvore site for a while but hadn't made any sets yet. (For those who don't know, Polyvore is basically a site where you create your own outfits). Here are my first 2 ever!! It was so fun!

My first one was Valentine's inspired. Can't wait for Valentines!

This next one was just a bit of fun.

I love it!!



New dress

I found this awesome 80's cocktail dress the other day. You can't really tell but the black bits have glitter on! It doesn't look so silky in real life either. More trashy. Good trashy. Sadly, it will never fit me. I bought it to sell on ebay. I found it in the Cancer Research charity shop in Bexhill for £4.50! Good finds in the Bexhill 'chazzas' are gold dust so I am happy. Though also sad that I cannot fit my gelatinous arse in it.

I'm now going to watch Forrest Gump and wonder what joys Primark will hold for me when I go tomorrow! I have come into a bit of money so I'm throwing caution to the wind and buying what I want. I really want a Nintendo DS. Anyone know if they're any cop?

Love xx


Puppies first walk!

The puppies had their first walk today and it was quite the family affair. My brother managed to drag himself from the Xbox and my sis managed to surgically extract herself from the laptop. They were shaking with fear when we got outside (the puppies, not my siblings! Haha) but then they got into the swing of it. So cute!

That's them taking me and my sister for a sprint!

Smiley Dexter!

Me and my Bro.

Lola, Dexter and I having a rest!

Regular readers may notice that the puppies names changed. This decision was very much against my will! Me and my mum called them Bumble & Bee, but my brother and sister intervened!

I was dressed pretty trampy today because I knew it would be a bit of a muddy affair taking the dogs to the park. I wore an old Topshop sweater, h&m Parka, h&m skinny cords and Converse.

They slept allll afternoon when we got back! Bless 'em.



Mega important newssss!

Roxy, my cat, has kitties in her belly!!!!!!!!

Here she is with her favourite toy, the blue tube, prior to being sperminated:

My boyfriend, Alex, who I live with, doesn't really like catties, so he's not enjoying the news. But I am excited. Cute kitties!! Nervous about re-homing them but I'm sure I can tempt friends and family into having their own Roxy-a-like.

Not really a style related post, but hey, it's my blog and I make the rules!! So you can expect more updates and also pics of the tiny critters when they arrive!!



My wages were burning a hole in my pocket today so I decided to, despite the fact I have less than £100 in my account and bills to pay, fork out a whopping £3.49 for a new lippy. I had an orange one but it has gone walkies, so decided to replace it. Red looks horrid on me. Makes me look a bit ill. Orange, on the other hand, looks nice and is tres funky.


I have been in a hair rut. My crop has grown considerably but I cant afford to get it cut and am not sure I want to... So I pinned it back today and it made a nice change. Looks a bit scruffy but I think with a little time and effort it could work.

My outfit today was my beloved cat dress. Purchased in a Charity shop. Worn with vintage tee, primark tights, matalan wedges and black plastic necklace from Tammy (in BHS).


I <3 tiny dogs!

I stumbled upon celeb-themed t-shirt designer and amateur film maker Elena Gallen's site today. One of the tee's I fell slightly in love with because I think Chichuahuas are too cute.

It's meant to be Paris Hilton's dog - it has a little 'PH' on its collar! So cute.

I'm cheered up now after my earlier bout of emoness. All is fabulous once more.


Hello, Sailor!

Here is Kirsten Dunst in the new Miu Miu campaign. I'm not a fan of hers, really. But I am loving this nautical dress. The shape is so nice. I wish I wasn't a pauper. Bring on the student loan in september!

Here's a couple of other pretties:

I lovvve this white dress. The high neckline and cute collar are kinda Disney-esque. And the ruffledness is divine.

I'm still in my pyjamas and its 1pm. I'm having boyf trouble so plan to sit in a depressed state for most of the day. I hate being sad!



Je suis loving...

Agyness's rubber stockings! I wish it was acceptable to wear these in everyday life.

This pic is taken from some Shanghai calendar shoot.

The pink stockings and mustard shoes go so well. Love it love it love it.



Ebay stuff

Because my new job at the hip cafe is so few hours I decided to trawl the charity shops of Bexhill and vintage shops of Brighton for stuff to sell on Ebay. I've been trying to dress them up in different ways to increase the saleability. Alex is gonna take proper pics tomorrow but heres a few of me messing about with some outfits last night.

The pics are such bad quality because the light in my hall is sooo dim so i have to up the brightness on the phone cam. Sorry.

Here's a ruffle neck shirt which cost £2.

Worn with vintage patent belt, h&m shiny leggings, Matalan red patent wedges in pic 1. Worn with Primark skinnies, h&m lace-ups and New Look hat.

Next up is a givenchy blouse found on a pound rail!

Worn with h&m high waisted mini skirt and old dance shoes.

Another item I got was for sale in a fancy dress hire shop. It's a handmade blazer/cardigan with a anchor on. It's intended for a child, I think but me being me, couldn't resist the anchor! Or the £2 price tag. Someone will want it right?? I'm having a hard time styling it to make it look good.

Here it is with a Lipsy tiered dress, h&m socks and ebay jazz shoes. Not feeling it really. Any ideas on how to dress it?

I also got this check dress. It has shoulder pads, which looks kinda cool. sadly it's a size 8 so I had to force my size 12 bod into it, hence the contorting material. Haha.

Here is the sad truth!!:

I got a load of other stuff, but didn't have time to play with them.

Cant wait for Alex to take proper pictures and get them on Ebay. I reeeallly need the moneys!



Out to lunch

Alex's parents came to visit today and we went for lunch. I wore a h&m shirt which shrunk in the wash so won't fit over my bangers (as gok wan would say!) anymore, a h&m vest, charity shop belt and primark skinnies. X


Legs eleven

That's mine and alex's legs. We went to the housing benefit place because he's a rockstar thus has no "job", and i don't work many hours. Not very glam, i know! But hey, if someone's gonna pay my rent, i'm all for it! My puppy-claw-ravaged leggings are h&m as are shoes (i'm a bit of a one shoe pony of late). Alex wears levi jeans and macbeths. Sorry for this long paragraph, texting from phone. Night night x


Inside the bottomless pit that is my bag!

Here are the innards of my handbag, as requested by Miss Woo of
, who tagged me the other day. She also showed me how to link, for which I am very grateful!

So here's the bag itself:

You may have read a couple weeks ago of my joy at finding this in the Debenhams sale for 70% off (says a lot about my taste, that the loveliest bag I can fathom should be reduced by so much!) I wear it to death now.

Onto the entrails...

Handcream and organic lipbalm. I am addicted to hand cream. I apply it embarrassingly often! I don't even have dry mits, I just like the feeling of slightly greasy hands. Don't ask me why. I got the lipbalm in Fenwicks over xmas. I was looking at all the yummy expensive cosmetics and just wanted to buy SOMETHING so i felt posh. So I got this lip balm for a fiver. It's a bit shit but It has a pretty owl on and smells nice so I am sticking with it.

That's my light up mirror! An amazing invention, I'm sure you'll agree? 'Santa' got it for me.

Dior mini perfume.

Vulgar metallic '08 diary. I hope to fill it up with lots of exciting activities!

That's my keys. My mum got the emo-esque lanyard for me. It's very handy when you have a bag as crammed as mine, as it takes up a larger area and so the keys are easy to find! I have a magic 8 ball on there, which I love.

So that's my bag!

Onto my chosen victims....

Flying Saucer
, The Clothes Horse , Yonctopus and Strawberry Milkshakes - I wanna know whats in your bags! If you've already been tagged then ignore this, and you don't have to do it if you don't wanna.

Lots of Love to y'all x


I am a bad blogger!

Sorry I've been a lazy-arse. Am up to my eyes in a new job and sorting out an application for uni. Am hoping to study Fashion Promotion at Rochester. Fingers crossed! My new job is so sweet. Working at this tiny cafe in town which is all organic-y fair trade-y stuff. It's very hip! I like it. Don't hate me for my laziness.

Got tagged by lovely Miss Woo (cheapskatechic.blogspot.com), but I haven't a clue what to do! I am okay with posting the innards of my bag - thats simple enough for me, but A) Do I have to personally comment all of the people I want to tag:? and B) How do I do a link to their blogs in my blog?

Sorry to sound dim, I promise I'm not. Help me, someone! xxx


Hard at work.

Not! At work at the video shop at the moment. I'm wearing h&m flats, primark skinnies and topshop anchor socks. Work is boring. I'm just eating hula hoops and designing clothes i want to make when i have a new sewing machine. Am very skint so have also been making a list of clothes to sell on ebay. A sad task. x


Make-up and other cosmeticy stuff (WARNING: lots of waffling on)

First of all, some apologies:

1, Sorry for the shit title! It's late and I'm sleepy and a bit sick. I have an upset tummy after eating cauliflower cheese. I overloaded the cheese because I am an over-indulging pig and now I feel gross. Anyway!

2, Sorry some of the below pics aren't rotated. Cant be bothered (see above reason)!

3. Sorry The below post goes on and on and is probably riddled with spelling/grammatical errors. I am intelligent, honest. Just really tired and ill (see above)!

The show must go on.

Upon reading Flying Saucer's blog (flyingsaucer.typepad.com) (Cant figure out how to insert link) about make up, it made me think about my love of make up and cosmetics and I thought I'd share some of my essential items.

I really love to make a statement with my make up. On a boring day, I just wear Foundation, Cheek Tint, Eyeliner, Mascara and Liquid eyeliner. But I love nothing more than slapping on the eyeshadow in a generally garish fashion. I often do so when I'm supposed to be tidying or something. Make up is my greatest procrastination tool!

In this pic are:

H&M Eyeshadow palette: Turquoise is my fave and purple too. Nice when I feel like making a statement with my peepers.

Collection 2000 Pink Eyeshadow: As above

Barry M Turquoise eyeshadow: More shimmery than the h&m one

Prestige Eyeliner Pencil: A very bold black (not like the shitty diluted rimmel eyeliner) and very long-lasting

Rimmel Exaggeration (or something) liquid eyeliner: this is quite easy to apply, which is a rare occurrence for me and liquid eyeliners. I usually get through about 8 cotton buds per eye from correcting my mistakes! I only get through about 3 per eye with this. Haha!

Benefit Illuminating liquid: A godsend! Really makes your face look all lovely. that's the only way I can describe it to you. I'm not feeling very linguistically creative tonight (although that term suggests otherwise)!

Benetint - Lovely cheek tint. Looks very natural. Shit as a lip tint, though. I used to see benefit cosmetics through rose-tinted specs but have grown to accept that they have their flaws!

Benefit playsticks foundation - This is good, but less is more. Can look a bit caked on if you go wild with it.

Bourjois Coup De Theatre Mascara - This is amazing. People ask me if I have fake eyelashes on when I wear this. I then spread the good word of this mascara. It's fab! And fun to apply! (Small things amuse small minds).

Onto my cleansing ritual. I used to religiously cleanse tone and moisturise using some No. 7 stuff for oily skin (I hate that term. Makes me think of seagulls after an oil spill. Conjurs up images of me scrubbing my skin with washing up liquid trying to rid myself of the vile, incessant oil!) Jesus I really am tired (not to mention mentally warped). Moving on. It basically didn't do what it said on the tin, so I turned to the FAR cheaper and less time-consuming ritual of:

Clean and Clear Cleansing lotion, oil (*shudder*) free moisturiser, and clinique spot zapping stuff.

It's great and about a tenth of the price of overrated No 7. No faffing with cleanser and toner. It's all in one. Fab! Now I am generally spot-free, and clinique is on hand should one arise!

Hair time. I have Platinum hair which can be a bit frizzy due to chemical abuse. I found this lovely product reduced in boots from about £6 to £1.50! It says for 'mature' hair. But has worked literal wonders on my frazzled immature hair.

Trevor Sorbie Moisturing Cream Serum. It smells so yummy too.

Speaking of smells, onto my scent! I recently bought this Dior Pure Poison set. I wasn't overly fussed about the smell of the perfume (it's pleasant but not amaaazing), but HAD to have it because it comes with an adorable miniature bottle for your handbag! Too cute. It cost £40 with my discount at Debenhams. Prior to my discount it was £47 reduced from £71! I have expensive taste!

Well that's about it now. I hadn't intended to waffle quite so much. Anyone that's made it this far deserves a gold star! You're wonderful.

Bon soir people. Thanks for reading my nonsensical blog(s) xxxxxxxxx

I love wedges

I acquired some new wedges the other day in the Matalan sale. They are fab, and only cost £6. Just as well because I am very very skint. I thought I'd post a pic of my small, but perfectly formed wedge collection!

L-R: Matalan, Topshop (via ebay) and Topshop