I am in love!

With my new glasses!
I got them from a super cheap ebay store who have just started selling different coloured ones. Aren't they sweet! £8 including shipping from USA! I love how they fade from dark grey to clear.

Here are the others that they do:

I WAS going to get these from Urban Outfitters (sorry for teeny pic):

I did obsess over them for a good few hours but at 19.99 including shipping, It was an indulgence too far. They've sold out anyway now so I can just put them in the past, move on and enjoy my long and happy future with my cats eye specs. Plus anything to do with cats is a good sign, in my book.



  1. fab glasses, you look fantastic in them! definitely prefer your choice to the others

  2. Moneypenny! It's a real Miss Moneypenny style from old James Bond films. Great idea!!!

  3. Those glasses are cute!!! Very retro.


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