The kids are too alright!

I was reading Susie Bubble's post pondering the diminishment of individuality as a result of today's internet-obsessed, blog-happy generation. It is a really interesting post and made me think of my recent perusal of Elle's online street style page.

There was a collection of picture's from the recent Underage Festival (an indie-emo fest for under 18's) in London. Looking at the pictures of these 14/15 year olds I just couldn't believe how much 'style' was going on! It really is a sign of the times, when I think back to when me and my friends were around that age, moshing around in huuuge flares and blink 182 shirts! We didn't have a clue about style. But those were the days of 58k internet, I suppose! In my house we only had the internet for 2 hours on Sunday so I guess I didn't stand a chance!

Good on these kids for looking fab, I guess, but I can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable about this whole 15-year-old fashionista movement! I'm not sure why. Gosh, I feel an outburst of Keane's 'Everybody's changin'' coming on!

Being an indecisive Gemini I do find it hard to have concrete opinions on anything, which is why I don't usually post blogs like this! So what I would advise you to do, dear readers, is head on over to Susie Bubble's blog for far more coherent thoughts on the matter!

Here are a few of the pictures in question. Enjoy being inspired by the style of these tiny children!

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Am I wrong to feel a bit weirded out by 14 year olds looking cooler than me?

Yours truly,

Old & uncool from Kent


  1. I know exactly what you mean! It's just weird seeing kids being so well dressed and thinking "oh, she's like 7 years younger than me...why do I like her outfit so much?!", very confusing! I wasn't at all stylish at 15 either, I think I was still lamenting being too tall for New Look's 915 range! I'm pretty sure there were tracksuits too...Char x

  2. I'm around that age, even closer to Tavi's. ;-) So, no, you shouldn't be weirded out.

  3. I definitely didn't look that good at 15, in fact i prefer not too think that far back. i saw a piece on mtv (i think) about this festival and heard one of these well dressed girls remark that her fave bands were whichever the nme deemed cool that week which made me glad they don't have everything sussed out!

    welcome back by the way!

  4. I was a real dork when I was 15, so I'm really by impressed with kids nowdays and their ability to put together interesting outfits. I guess fashion are far acessible now than ever!

  5. You are not alone. I find it very unsettling how style-conscious these youngsters are, and I am a hardly-geriatric 25. On one level maybe all this creativity should be applauded, but I can't help worrying slightly that it's at the expense of less material interests, like just enjoying being an adolescent.

    I realise how patronising that sounds, and I also don't see why a sense of style should be confined to older folk. I've probably crossed the line into over-analysis here.

    Maybe I'll leave you with the charming image of my 14-year-old self, decked out in ill-fitting Levis, a Sloppy Joe sweater, blac patent chunky-heeled loafers, a No Fear cap and a bomber jacket. Touche, no?


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