My week in pictures!


I've been gearing up to move lately so posts have been, and will be a bit sparse!

I decided to buy this playsuit as it was in the sale at Primark for only £4... I'm not sure how I feel about it. I Haven't worn it yet.
Any ideas on what to team it with? I love my layering but there really isn't anything I can do with this! No tops underneath... A cardi would probably look odd... I'm just not sure.

I've been dressing a lot like a teenage boy since getting these pumps from Primark (for only £2!) God it feels really wrong to celebrate the cheapness of Primark garments now, since seeing that icky documentary...


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  1. Keep the playsuit. It's nice.
    I like the way you've styled it now, a long,thin cardi might work too. But "a playsuit is a playsuit is a playsuit" you know. It's most often good just as it is.


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