It's all happening!

The above quote from Almost Famous perfectly sums up my life!
It's all been going on just lately. I've sorted out my student account & overdraft and more importantly, found a lovely place in Canterbury for Alex & I to move into in August (Going to Uni in Rochester which is a short commute from canterbury). It's a cute cottage with a DRESSING ROOM! Eek! With all the storage in there, I'd better buy some more new clothes to fill it up! :)

Here's some recent outfits:

Purple dress - h&m
Denim skirt - Primark (New purchase - I lovvve it! Looks a bit crud in the first pic of it though)
Boots - Vintage
Tee - charity shop
Clock necklace - Claire's Accessories

I'm so excited about the future now I've found somewhere to live and stuff. There's a little garden for Roxy too! She's a house cat (against her will) at the moment so I just can't wait to give her the freedom she craves! Oh what the heck, i'll just show you some pikachus!

Isn't it cute!! It's almost set in stone that it's ours but now quite so touch wood! :)

It feels good to blog again!



  1. Ooh congrats! The house look abosolutely lovely, and I'm sure Roxy would be pleased to have a new place to roam :)

    and love the denim skirt you're rocking there.

  2. Aww your house looks so nice! Loving the eye make up, and loveeee the boots. I've tagged you on my blog.

  3. congrats! the house looks fab, you're moving up my way! are you going to ucca?

  4. Thanks chapettes :) xo

    Lula - Yeah I'm going to UCCA! Can't wait. Where do you live? xo

  5. i live a little up towards london, near to bluewater.

    i know rochester really well - did my a levels at a college just down the road from ucca, my dad has a studio at an art centre in chatham so still am around that area on and off. have known a few people from the centre who have taught at ucca (mainly photography classes i think)

    i also have a friend who was at uni in canterbury and he loved living there so i'm sure you'll have a great time!

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