Gok's Fashion Fix

Anyone else secretly loving it??

He's still cringey ('you've been Gokked!!') but some of the DIY tips are really good. There's no denying! What he did with that Adidas playsuit tonight was amazing! I've seen a bit of Gok-bashing - some think that you simply can't make high street look designer by sticking bits and bobs on. But personally, I don't really want my outfits to look designer. I just appreciate new creative inspiration - whatever the source may be!

Notes to self: Must go to a haberdashery shop and get some cute embellishments. Must get back into DIY.


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  1. Nope ur not alone there, I really look forward to my thurs evenings! It is a bit cringey but fab. Loved Joan Collins last week! I hear Mischa Barton may be on it too.


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