I'm tres sleepy right now so I shall make this brief! To sum up the weekend:

Frizzy hair & bows:

New dress (h&m) & mouse ears:

And emotional dilemma of whether to put these reversible blue shorts (gingham one side, blue with gingham trim on the other!) on ebay or keep.....


I also went to a car boot sale with the boyfriend this morning and made the depressing mistake of buying bathroom scales. On the brighter side, I bought some cute checked shirts, but they need to be taken in quite a lot.

Bonsoir petit chats!
(Good night little cats)



  1. cool outfits.love the new h&m dress.r suits youxx

  2. Love your dress! I got the same one in black and white but the blue is much nicer!

  3. I think you should totally keep the shorts, come on it is reversible! :D

  4. Thanks, ray :)
    Rachie-pie, I loved the black & white one! They didn't have my size. Swap? ;)
    miss woo, you are right. I must not sell the shorts.

  5. This punk-styling is so adorable! Where do you get your clothes from? I've never seen such a choice of clothing before. You create an amazing and extrordinary styling! My fav accessory is the bow on picture on - well done!

  6. charlotte - Thanks very much for your compliments :) I get my clothing from mainly h&m, primark and charity shops! I am a bit of a punk at heart and it does occasionally show in my clothing choices :)


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