Bowed and bejewelled

Sorry I've been rather slack with posts lately. I always take my outfit pics but the process of actually getting them onto the blog is rather draining (bluetoothing them to the mac, uploading to photobucket, rotating/cropping on photobucket, uploading to blogger!!) But I will pull my finger out (vile expression, I apologise).

My last few days have been quite fun. I've been spending my birthday money. I've so far bought 2 pairs of jeans on ebay (both a bit of a disappointment sadly, but I'll try and alter them with my trusty sewing machine), a checked shirt, Me You and Everyone We Know on DVD, an adorable writing set (below) and a couple of books. I got '211 things a bright girls can do' which has lots of fun tips in :) a bit childish/geeky but it's my money and I shall spend it however I choose! I also got 'letters from a nut' by Jerry Seinfeld. I love books full of 'timewasting' letters. In fact I wrote one of my own at the weekend. I sent a letter to Soap & Glory to make them aware of a spelling error on one of their shower gels. Haha. It was a very funny letter indeed.At least, I think so. I might post it on here.I hope they send me a freebie to regain my respect!

Here's my yummy stationery set:

Here's a new dress I wore at the weekend in 2 separate ways. I decided to go au naturel and bra-less, the end result being a bit of a sag-fest especially in the first outfit due to high waistline. Haha.

Dress - vintage Topshop via Charity shop (for £3.99 which outraged me as it is merely a glorified vest. But I bought it anyway and am bloody glad I did because it roolz!)
Skirt - DIY
Belt - Car Boot
Cardi - h&m
Boat shoes - Sacha via ebay
Specs - Car Boot
Legging - h&m
Unfortunate nose - Mother's genes

Here's sunday's outfit. I wore some little heart shaped gems that my little sis gave me for my birthday, bless her.

Shirt - fleabay
Belt - New Look
Shorts - Primark
Sandals - Sandals
Bow - New Look

I'm going to watch Big Brother now (anyone else addicted despite insisting they wouldn't be?).

Lots o Love!


  1. great outfits.love the new dress,so versitile.and thoose pink shorts,wow!i want xx

  2. Your dress is so cute. I love the big polkadots (are they still called polkadots if they are big?) and your red short are gorgeous.

  3. Giant (Polka) Dots! I love. Looking gooood with the bow too ;)

  4. I loveeeee the dress! I have the pink primark shorts too, but don't look as nice on me.

  5. I used to wear gems under my eyes all the time before. It's cute!


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