Blogs cause probs!

So, I listed some stuff on Ebay last week on a 9 day auction. I don't know about anyone else, but I get sooo excited and can't wait for the last day of the auction! So you can imagine my DISGUST when I logged on yesterday, merely 24 hours before the end of my 9 day wait - to see that Ebay had taken it upon themselves to cancel my auctions.


Because I included a harmless link to my blog at the bottom of the auction! Can you believe that? I didn't get any warning at all!

So that means all of the bidders (including someone that had bid up to £51 for my house of holland tee) and all of the watchers were gone. And I had to PAY to relist them. So I'm back to square shitty one. I only re-did them for a 3 day auction though so we'll see what happens. Needless to say I've written a long email of complaint! After all, I do - kinda - make them money from linking to my Ebay on the blog thus sending more bids my way, thus more final value fees their way! I'm so cross.

In better news - I found the white off-the-shoulder Kate Moss for Topshop dress (from last summer) in a charity shop for 4.99 yesterday (it was a day of extreme highs and lows, emotionally!) I couldn't believe my luck! I've whacked it straight on Ebay. Along with other bits:

Thanks for all of your suggestions for my geek outfit - you were a bit too late! I'd already left for the partay before I saw any of the comments :( I did decide to go semi chic. I couldn't not! Here's my and my buddy Katie:

My drunk pal took the full-length pic so my feet are sadly not included in it! I wore my blue jazz shoes, FYI. :)

I'll get back to regular blogging soon, I hope. My phone camera is slowly dying on me which is a bit of a worry but I might get a student overdraft at the bank next week (a VERY exciting prospect!) so maybe I can get a camera. I hope I do get an overdraft because I've already organised a shopping trip to London with my friend Danielle! Jumping the gun a tad..!



  1. Good luck with the overdraft and ebay auctions!

  2. Brilliant outfits! Geek chic for the win.
    Sucks about the ebay malarky, but at least you're back up and running and finding new things to put up!

  3. Ebay cancel my listing once too for describing something that's "Chanel" style, it sucks!

    Love your nerd look.

  4. i really like the outfit you made with the mickey tee. Thats such a pain about ebay!

  5. kd - thanks!
    katie rosemary - yes I must focus on the positives :)
    miss woo - BOO! ebay are mean.
    victoria olivia - thank you :)


  6. your geek outfit is cool and ypur disney shirt i want it!

  7. Oooh Mossy for a fiver you lucky devil..I lover your blog btw I sent you an email askin if you would perhaps add my to your links? Cheers, Lindsay x

  8. That happened to me on ebay too, groan. Oh well...

  9. to geeky for me but looks fantastic and colourful :)


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