Advice required ASAP!!

So, I'm going to a geek themed fancy dress party tomorrow. Any outfit ideas?? I'm thinking checked shirt done up all the way to the top, bow tie, geek specs, braces.... but the bottom half is troubling me. I have a cute mini pencil skirt with braces attached, but that's more chic than geek. But I don't want to be so geek that I feel like I don't look nice, y'know?

And what about footwear! I'm just not sure. Maybe socks & sandals. Haha.
I'm thinking of hairspraying a bit of hair sticking up a la Alfalfa!!

Any suggestions would be so appreciated! I do want to look geek-chic, but not too chic or too geek. The perfect balance.



  1. Rolled up trousers with socks and sandals! (I actually think that'll look kinda cool, but maybe I'm just exposing myself as a geek now, hehe)

  2. Baggy trousers with converses i was originally thinking, but thats not very 'chic', what abour a tweed-ish skirt with some sort of converse shoe? I know.. im slightly obsessed with the converses :)

  3. You MUST have a pair of those huge glasses irina lazareanu was wearing a while ago.


    You should be able to find an old pair at any decent thrift shop!

  4. You should wear black rimmed glasses- I actually think they sell some at Urban outfitters. And I actually think the top half geek/bottom half chic would work really well for the party!
    Nice bog, i'm adding you to my blogroll =]


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