My boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Brighton with our pals Dan & Danielle. To sum the weekend up in 5 words: Pizza. Eurovision. Sunshine. Laughter. CarBootSale (Okay I cheated a bit there..!)

One of Danielle's work mates at h&m told us Gok Wan came in merely minutes before us. So we were keeping our peepers open hoping to spot him! But no joy. The man irritates the hell out of me, but still, it would've been fun to see him regardless. Who knows, he may even have grabbed my 'bangers', as he so eloquently puts it. Haha. Sorry to any non-UK readers, whose head the last couple of sentences have flown over.

Anywho, here's what I wore yesterday:

t-shirt - paris, bow belt - new look, skirt - h&m, flip flops - Primark, shades - Car Boot, Bag - Primark

And, much more importantly, here's what I bought at the Car Boot sale - lots of buttons!!

I bought lots of each of these. I love the telephones most!

Now I'm just plotting what to do with them...



  1. love your shirt! and the bunny button is so cute

  2. I'm so glad there's someone else who isn't completely in love with Gok Wan. None of my friends can understand why I dislike him. Cute outfit, and I love your hair! It looks so cool!

  3. fritha louise - I know, he is enthusiastic to the point of extreme insincerity! Not to mention horribly hands-on! Over 40's love him though. Eg. My mother.

  4. i lurve your outfit.the belt and tshirt are fab x

  5. your buttons put mine to shame. tut tut! Not happy over here and ur tee is so nice much more unique that the I heart NY one...although I love that too...!How much were the buttons they are super cute!

  6. BTW my best friend says I look like gok wan with my red glasses on....not happy bunny bought that either!

  7. ...But how much?!they are lovely jubley but no way am I treking my London ass down to brighton for buttons..but i will bear it in mind (^_^)!

  8. They are all between 5 and 20p! Bargainous.


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