My week in pictures!

I'm off to Paris tomorrow so will be out of action until around next tuesday. Well, I'm leaving home tomorrow to go to a gig in london then going to Paris early friday morning. It seems I do nothing for months then all the fun things happen back to back!

Anyone know any cool stores or places to go/see in Paris?

Here are my recent outfits. Sunshine = lack of clothes = kinda boring!

All shades - Car Boot Sale
Purple dress - £1 Primark sale last summer
Bow Belt - New Look
Salmon pink dress - New Look
Nautical bikini - Primark
White tee - Primark
Shorts - New Look
White sandals - Topshop
Beads - Car Boot Sale

I've also been loving big bows:

And orange eyes (If I can't have orange hair, I'll settle for the eyes!):

Polka dot dress - Primark
Eyeshadow - Stargazer
Bow - Car Boot Sale

I love typing out wear I've bought all my stuff. It's all so bargainous! Although in this post I'm not exhibiting much style, I think generally I do the style-on-a-shoestring thing pretty well! I guess it's because I have to, as I am so skint all the time.

I find it disheartening when I go on some blogs and the amazing outfits are unattainable to me because they are from expensive shops/designers. That's kind of why I started the blog, actually. It's a shame Miss Woo already coined the term cheapskate chic, because that sums up my ethos! :) Maybe I'll change the blog to... Skint Style! Hehe.

Anyway I must stop virtual-nattering, and pack for gay Paris! Give me tips on things to see & do!



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