Why do american companies charge SO much to ship to the UK? It is so disgusting. The company in question at the moment is a t-shirt company called 410 bc, who are charging $25 dollars shiping! I want these items:

In my rage, my boyfriend advised me to send this message to them:

Haha. That'll teach them to mess with me and my empty purse!!!

I wanted to be a bit nicer and say 'I really like some of your designs and would love to buy them but this shipping is too much. Could we come to some arrangement?' But Alex, the devil on my shoulder, said I should put the angry message 'because it's funny'.

WHY do companies do that? It is so bloody annoying.


EDIT: A woman replied and explained it's because they do it priority so it's insured etc, because so many undelivered parcels sent at a cheaper rate weren't arriving - thus giving the company a bad name. So hush my mouth! I am officially off my high horse!


  1. 9 dollars or 9 pounds? i can imagine being annoyed at 9 pounds for shipping, but 9 dollars is admittedly low given the fabulous dollar-to-pound conversion rate!

    i actually just bought a tee from them, i'll let you know how it goes.


  2. The shipping is $25, I should've made that clearer. I just edited the post. No, even I wouldn't be mad at $9!
    Your shipping was probably about $9 because you're in the states. But its $25 for me! :(

  3. Thats alotttt! I don't know if you ever look on Threadless ( https://www.threadless.com ), but tees on there are pretty cheap and the shipping is good, my brothers and sister order alot off there. recently my bro ordered 3 tees, and they send two of each....why does that never happen to me?!


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