The hair glare.

I'm really liking my orange hair at the moment. It's nice to have a change from blonde. Blonde was nice but I wanted to look more like a mermaid. This was one of the reasons I dyed it! Childish, perhaps!


Ever since I have dyed my hair, EVERYONE is commenting on it, wherever I go. Not always nice comments, either. I dyed my hair for myself, and I know it's bright so I should've expected people to comment on it but it's so grating. My boyfriend and I were walking through town and a big group of emo's were just glaring at me! Alex said, 'well what do you expect when your hair is that colour?' which was kind of a shock to hear from him. Why does my personal decision have to involve anyone else? I've always enjoyed being different in the way I dress but I just had no idea how much difference a bright hair colour would make.

"That's different/unique/zaney/quirky etc" I hear these cringeworthy phrases so many times a day. The kind of phrases attention seekers probably relish. But I'm not trying to seek attention. I didn't want 'zany' bright pink or green hair or whatever. I just wanted to be like Ariel from the little mermaid. :-(

I am contemplating just bleaching it out or dying it brown because I literally cant hack the constant comments and staring. And I'm quite disgusted at myself for contemplating that. I just don't see why people have to make it their business what colour your hair is, or what you wear. I have NEVER stared at someone with brightly coloured hair. Looked, yes, but not stared! I don't stare at anyone. It's so rude!

I am just sick of the relentlessness of other peoples opinions. A little old dear who was working in a charity shop earlier said, "Ooooh that's different!!!" to me, and I was like... How do I respond to that? 'Thanks'? I just wanted to say, 'Oh fuck off and leave me alone.' And I'm a people person (eww, another cringeworthy phrase there), so I'm always nice to random oldies if they speak to me! But I guess she was just the straw that almost broke the camel's back.

Sorry for ranting. It's just so annoying. I have never pandered to societies pressures to be normal before but I really am starting to crack up! Any advice? What do you do when you're happy, but everyone makes it their business to infringe on that and give you unwelcome opinions, thus making you unhappy?

I'm going to eat cheese (<3) on toast and watch hollyoaks. Comfort food and comfort telly.



  1. Its a shame you feel like you have to change your hair! I personally tihnk fuck them, keep your hair as it is, there are plenty of people with actual bad hair - you know, the emo type with different lengths and colours but they dont seem to give a shit so dont let people put you off on your quest on Ariel hair! Also I know how you feel with the staring, sometimes I think i'm the first Chinese person people have ever seen. It's an annoying feeling but they'll have to get over it.

  2. Gossip Girl on tonight, along with Project Runway, they're pretty good for distration :)

  3. Well, I don't think it's that awful when people stare, because sometimes a person can't help staring at something unusual and your hair is definitely an unusual and eye-catching color! I'm certainly disgusted if they're making negative comments though -- I mean, really, what's it to them. But we have to face facts, unusual looks can rile people up. You have to be pretty thick-skinned, unfortunately :-(

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  5. Other people are awful when they infringe on your personal style, it's probably one of the biggest problems for me :( why do people have such a problem with what is different from the 'norm'. I hope if you do change your hair you do it for you and not for anyone else :)


  6. I bleached my bobbed hair and then dyed it pillar box red once years ago and honest to god you wouldn't believe the amount of time I was asked if my pubes were that colour too. It does begin to drive you crazy so I can sympathise!

  7. Thanks for the comments guys, some helpful advice in there. For now, I have decided 'fuck 'em'.

    Hayley - Am addicted to Gossip Girl right now!!

    cellar door - O.M.G. That is vile! I've not had anything that bad. I would punch someone if they said that. My favourite hair quote of the day was, 'I think you should go to a different hairdresser'. I felt fantastic after that one! Imbecile.

  8. i often feel like this but then you have to decide whether you want to be boring in life or stand out and take it. i think half of it is if you expect comments coz if i'm by myself i notice more but if distracted by friends i don't. welcome to the world of orange hair i guess! lol you should wear an ariel tshirt to send out the message if they are so intrigued, people are lame, you are not!

  9. Heyyyy, you may not remember me but you spoke to me on yougofurther about uni (i'm going to epsom to do fpi) and i think the first thing i said was a comment about your hair! So i apologise for that....

    BUT, i know it's really annoying as the same happened to me when i went from peroxide blonde to bright red (why is it that platinum blonde, even tho just as bright doesn't get as many of those comments?!). At the end of the day though, most people are ignorant and also wouldn't dream of ever crossing the line of what is perceived as 'normal' and 'acceptable' so i think the things they say are more like their attempt at marking you out as different because deep down they are jealous and would love to wear whatever the hell they wanted but are too scared to be open to criticism which you may find is getting you down but wouldn't you rather do whatever the hell you wanted than waste your time taking these comments personally.

    Hope that wasn't a load of nonsense!


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  11. I know im commenting on a way old post but i just wanted to say that i am goin through the exact same thing, and feel the same has you.I like to dress different and like you i never realised that a bright hair colour would cause so much unwanted attention and comments.Wish people would just keep there noses out.I thought it was only me who had this problem its nice to see someone elses experiece and point of view with this.And i think your hair looked lovely that colour.I get so many comments everytime i go anywhere with my hair,its really wearing on me but im sticking with it.It makes me happy so why let them change me. Gemxx


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