Prozzy chic

Bonjour! If you are reading this it means you haven't rejected me on account of what a bad blogger I've been so thank you <3! OR you're a new reader, in which case, Hello!

Worn with New Look hat, aged Topshop tee, Primark tights, h&m knee socks, Topshop wedges.

I then had work at the video shop in the evening so dressed it down (most people dress UP their outfit for an evening) a smidge.

Worn with a h&m hoodie and Primark pumps.

I think my cat is going into labour because she's crying lots, bless her. So maybe tomorrow I'll have news of Roxy's kitties!

Bon soir! xo


  1. yes, i'm new to the blogsphere :)hello, i put ur blog to my link list,ok?
    visit me,

  2. Cute dress, and hope the kitty will be okay!


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