New things!!! (this is my 99th post..!)

FIRSTLY - check out my new Ebay listings!!!

I've been gagging to shop lately (oh my god, cliché girl or what? I LOVE chocolate and Brad Pitt, too...) so I was soo pleased to go shopping with my pal, Katie today! Shopping is always exciting for me because I live in a tiny crap town with only a New Look and loads of charity shops and I don't drive, thus to escape said rubbish town I need money, which is a rare occurence. So when I DO get to go shopping it's the highlight of my week!!

My number one priority was bra shopping because mine are all a bit ropey and haggard. The woman in the shop helped me find one that fitted perfectly, so was running back and forth with different sizes, which was very amusing for me, and probably very boring for Katie! But I am now supported and happy. It's a weight off my shoulders...! ......... Get it?! ..... Sorry.

Then it was off to Primark to acquire boring tees for work and some new pretty things:

Black denim skirt with removable braces - £10
Polka dot sleeveless dress - £12, I think... I just knew I wanted it so didn't bother checking the price!

I wanted to go to Monsoon and get some vertical stripe tights but it was shut by the time I extracted myself from Primark. :-(. We then went for coffee and chats. Katie was wearing the most delightful navy high waisted mini skirt with cute buttons from Primark but they only had it in a size 18 when I went to poach her style! LAME! We're having a fun day out on Sunday. We're going to a farm and you can bottle feed baby lambs there! Wow. I'm too rock n roll for words.

I'm now going to gorge myself on Marshmallows and coffee.

Next post is my 100th, so have congratulations at the ready, people!!!

Lovvvve xo

(I think I'm the only blogger I've seen to end posts AND comments with kisses and hugs. Is that creepy? I just have an affectionate nature.)



  1. Oh I am lusting over that polka-dot dress! I hate that we don't have a Primark in York :(
    And I am also insanely jealous of you feeding lambs... I live in the country and see some everyday near my house but still exclaim "aww lambs!" everytime I go past haha

  2. I came back and I found you with red hair! Yaaay! And that polka dotty dress is really is the cuteness..

  3. nothing wrong with kisses and hugs

  4. katie rosemary - OMG no primark? I can't imagine what that must be like. Haha. And to think my mum used to have to drag me in there when I was like 15. "Mum this is sooo cheap and nasty". I've well and truly eaten my words!

    fashion tidbits - xoxoxoxo!!!

  5. first high waist skirt is great :)

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