Je suis going to Paris!

Yay! I'm going to paris on May 16th for my boyfriend's Dad's birthday. I adore Paris. We went last year and I only realised how amazing it was in hindsight. At the time I was all panicky and a bit stressed at being somewhere where you don't have a clue what others around you are saying! That said, I am fluent in frenglish. I regularly inject French phrases into my everyday sentences. I probably use the words 'Tres', 'J'adore' and 'Je suis' more than I use their english equivalents!

I had an LBD sesh the other night and tried on different dresses I may wear.

Here is one totally un-accessorised dress that i love (it was a rushed dress up session!). I wore a Paris scarf (also owned by Miss Woo!) like a ghetto fabulous bandana just for kicks.

The dress was purchased in a charity shop for a mere £3.50! Click here for a more detailed pic of it from an old blog post. The scarf was purchased in Paris last year.

Over and out!



  1. I'm gonna HAVE to copy you and wear the scarf like that! ;)


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