I am weak willed.

So. I decided to pull my finger out (HATE that expression!) and get Alex to photograph me in some stuff to sell on ebay. The first thing I put on was a really cool dress (The material is a bit hideous but that's why I heart it) that fits me almost perfectly except its ridiculously tiny waist. It cost about 50p! So anyway I was wrapping myself in cling film to try and get it round my bread & cheese loving midriff (this helped slightly) when I thought 'maybe a belt might cover it up'!

I put the belt on and hooray it concealed my tum tum! But... It also made me realise... it looks FAB! So there's no way I can sell it now I know the trick of wearing it!

So my ebay-seller career is not off to the best start... But let's not think about it. Let's look at the pretty dress!!!

The hair has faded after just one wash to this wishy washy fluorescence. YUK. I've got more dye in the mail. Carrot orange.

Here is what was going on under the belt (smaller pic to save the eyes of squeamish viewers)!!

Hahaha! I hope you appreciate my honesty. I'm not going to pretend to you that my beauty comes effortlessly! ;)



  1. I appreciate your honesty, and you look lovely in the dress. Did the cling film really work?! I brought this slimming tube dress thing from primark....doesn't really do enough for my tummy!

  2. Well the cling film didn't work for this particular dress because it still wouldn't do up. But I used it to flatten my butt to get in a different dress and it worked a treat! Its SO uncomfortable though. And if you have it on for more than like 3 mins, makes your skin sweaty! Yuck. So stick to your tube dress, I say.

    I have tried soo many different 'magic' undies and stuff to flatten my tum, but they never work. I think the only answer is.... more sit-ups, less carbs. sad but true! :(



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