Full of the joys of Spring!

Despite the atrocious stormy weather, I'm feeling very springtime with my pretty daffodil pin. It's a charity one, for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and I'm loving it. I was more than happy to part with my £1! God, I sound selfish. I'm sure I would've donated anyway...

Another boring night at work, renting DVD's out to people. I haven't seen many films lately so when people say 'is this one good?' about any of the new ones I'm just like, 'Sorry..!' That said, I'll be watching American Gangster tonight with the beau. It's out on Monday but I get it before the public. I feel so important!

I did watch Nanny Diaries the other day (the one with ScarJo) which was okay. I'm watching the timeless great, The Notebook tomorrow with my friend Katie. After Vanity Lair, which I'm ashamed to say I'm addicted to! We have to hang out in the day time because we both work evenings (grim!).

Here is what I wore today:

Fred Perry Polo, h&m dress, Topshop socks, h&m plimsolls. Big nose - model's own.

I had to wear the beloved plimsolls today after wearing the new boots yesterday and ravaging my poor heels! Maybe i'll take WendyB up on her advice to get them stretched (the shoes, that is). Or get my big toe shortened of course. Here are my crimson heels and ankles!

I'm off now to watch a movie and eat chicken and chips.



  1. The little flower brooch is a lovely touch, and gaaad the weather is cold at the moment..

  2. I love your nose! (hope that's not too creepy, lol)

    oh and the daffodil is a nice little touch

  3. Where can you find those cute daffodil brooches??? I looked on the Marie Curie website but they aren't mentioned :(

  4. Miss Woo - I know it sucks so much. I can hardly sleep at night because we live right by the sea so its soooo windy and noisy!

    something_picasso - Haha no that's not creepy, thank you :)

    anon - Well it's a campaign they run all through march so check out MC charity shops if you live near any. or news agents. good luck!!



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