Fiiinally some DIY!

I've been meaning to make the Miu Miu inspired skirt I saw on Kingdom of Style. So I finally found some fun fabric and got cracking! I didn't actually follow the tutorial. I adlibbed a bit just through laziness. It's not as poofy as I'd like but I knew that would happen. I'm still proud of myself though because I always SAY I'm gonna do stuff but don't.

The material has lots of animals on it. Here it is (crank your necks, guys - forgot to rotate!):

Here's the skirt:

Here it is without belt:

But I prefer it with:

Ignore the outfit in general. I just grabbed the nearest shoes and stuck it on over the top I wore to work! I plan on dressing it up and down lots of different ways as soon as I can be bothered. (I say that a lot).

Hope everyone's having a nice Thursday. I'm gonna watch the Project Catwalk final I recorded last night. Come on, Jasper!!!!



  1. It looks better with the belt. Cute!

  2. you must be very brave to wear it!cool!

  3. I like your skirt better than the Miu Miu version, and I do like Miu Miu a great deal ;)


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