Panty power!

I've become very disillusioned when it comes to buying underwear of late. I used to get so excited whenever I found a new pair of frilly/silky/bow-adorned knickers and I'd snap them up instantaneously! But nowadays I just wonder what the point is in spending my precious pennies on something that will be hidden from the world. It's like whenever I see manky Chicken in the reduced section at Tesco that nobody is going to buy - it lived its life in vain, never to be enjoyed! Maybe this is how undies feel - desperately hoping a stripper or glamour model will buy them so their beauty can be shared with the world, not hidden away like a dirty secret. Although there is probably some doubt as to whether a strip club audience or glamour model's spectatorship are actually paying attention to the underwear.

Superman and Co had the right idea. Sienna Miller was also on the right track. Why don't we wear out underthings over our clothes? It doesn't have to look ridiculous. Perhaps if styled in a non-trashy way, layered appropriately, it could even take off? I played dress-up with this idea in mind and here is the outcome:

Maybe its not particularly suitable for a trip to the supermarket but on a night out it could be a rather fun look. Or even just parading about in the comfort of your own home! So if there are any undie-lovers that feel the same, I say lets dare to be different. Parade your panties!


  1. I definitely encourage peeps to wear a "Free Wendy" thong outside their pants.

  2. Hi Gem.
    Isnt nice underwear though enhanced by its reserved displays of show, saved only for special occasions for those special people. I have some with the superman logo on the derriere for anyone special who I choose can see them. Always a very sexy moment!! Excessive shows of undies, however nice surely devalue them, like eating special foods daily or a song that is overplayed dont you think...

  3. Haha, thats such a cute look. Though I second Wendy, anti google underwear is the way to go!


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