Busy busy

Sorry I've not been blogging a lot lately. I've had a lot on my plate, and have been really lacking outfit-inspiration lately. I hope I snap out of it! My cat Roxy's kitties are due any day now so I'm really anxious! I hope she's gonna be okay..

In other news, I went to the cinema with my pal Katie the other day and saw Juno. It was awesome! Great soundtrack too. I haven't seen a film that good in ages! Well apart from Disturbia, that was majorly fab. So I recommend Juno to you guys!

Also, Alex got an Xbox360 which I've been playing on lots. My bro got a free game called Viva Pinata with his Xbox and he gave it to me. It's so cool. You basically have to make this garden all pretty and attract lots of animals and make them have babies! A far cry from the mass slaughter that goes on when Alex plays on the Xbox! So if any of you have Viva Pinata on Xbox360, let me know and we can trade gifts and stuff!

Did I mention I got into Uni? I can't remember, and cant be bothered to read back through posts! I'm happy about getting in but am now stressed about loans and where to live, and if they'll let me have my cat, etc.! Hopefully everything will be fine.

Well I hope to get back to blogging more regularly very soon. Maybe I need a shopping spree to inspire me.. That usually works!



  1. Aww hope the cat will be okay, i'd like to see some pictures of the kittens before they got whisk away to their new homes! :D

  2. Fo sho. As if i'll be able to contain my excitement about the little kitties! I will have to have a separate kitten blog!

  3. ooo fab congrats!! they defo don't let you have pets! although a girl down the hall has a hamster with no eyeballs! live at home, or where you're living now, it's SO MUCH cheaper!


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