Still alive!

Hey guys sorry for absence. My boyf went away with the mac before xmas so blogging has been a problem. I'm doing it from my phone now but its not ideal as you can only post 1 pic. Above is me in the hat i'm living in because i cant afford to get my roots done or hair cut.haha. I get the mac back today or tomorrow so expect a zillion posts. I'm so happy its '08. I have so many hopes and aspirations this year. Its going to be a good one. Anyone got any resolutions? Mine are 1. Learn to drive, 2. Learn french, 3. Learn kickboxing, 4. Get on to a fashion promotion course at uni and blow my loan in h&m. :) xx

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  1. Ok, I am waiting for your post gem. And yes, you still look cute in the hat without having any haircut.

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