New stuff!

I got some more new stuff from Primark yesterday. I still haven't posted pics of my purchases from the other day, but I will soon.

Here's the dress (£12) I kinda feel like a 40's housewife in it:

The shoes are from a dance shop. I had to buy them when I was in the college musical and I thought they were h to the ideous. But now I rather like them! The heel is such a comfy height.

New tee:

I love my ruffles, and that includes pretend ones drawn on!

I also went to Topshop and tried on those Jodhpur/Leggings/'Treggings' they have. But they were seriously unflattering. I might've still bought them if they weren't £28. That's just a tad too pricey for my liking!



  1. Ah I saw the same dress in Primark! I walked around it three times before I decide not to buy it, tres sad. It looks sooo good on you though.

  2. hey you´re so cool!!! lovely outfits! Primark is great.

    hugs and kisses from Mexico

  3. I love the dress, i saw it and almost bought it but opted for a nude sheer dress, very romantic looking. primark rocks.


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