New dress

I found this awesome 80's cocktail dress the other day. You can't really tell but the black bits have glitter on! It doesn't look so silky in real life either. More trashy. Good trashy. Sadly, it will never fit me. I bought it to sell on ebay. I found it in the Cancer Research charity shop in Bexhill for £4.50! Good finds in the Bexhill 'chazzas' are gold dust so I am happy. Though also sad that I cannot fit my gelatinous arse in it.

I'm now going to watch Forrest Gump and wonder what joys Primark will hold for me when I go tomorrow! I have come into a bit of money so I'm throwing caution to the wind and buying what I want. I really want a Nintendo DS. Anyone know if they're any cop?

Love xx


  1. Ooh the dress is divine! I only played the DS once and it was fun, but wouldn't you rather get some shoes instead? I know I would ;)

  2. I have a DS - thought it would be a good investment - excpet i played on it solidly for about 4 months and i haven't touched it for the last 6 months :(
    Shoes are always a good option!

  3. Well OBVIOUSLY shoes are my main priority but I have enough for a DS too.
    Fashion comes first - always!


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