Mega important newssss!

Roxy, my cat, has kitties in her belly!!!!!!!!

Here she is with her favourite toy, the blue tube, prior to being sperminated:

My boyfriend, Alex, who I live with, doesn't really like catties, so he's not enjoying the news. But I am excited. Cute kitties!! Nervous about re-homing them but I'm sure I can tempt friends and family into having their own Roxy-a-like.

Not really a style related post, but hey, it's my blog and I make the rules!! So you can expect more updates and also pics of the tiny critters when they arrive!!



  1. I love kittens, plus you don't have to keep all of them, you can put a local ad in the paper and make sure they go to a good home. My kitten is just stepping into the cat stage now, but I prefer her small!

  2. AS IF Alex would let me keep any, anyway! It's all good, I already have some prospective buyers lined up before they're even out of Roxy's tum.
    Small cats are lovely. I wish you could get chihuahua cats. Where they stay teeny forever!


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