Inside the bottomless pit that is my bag!

Here are the innards of my handbag, as requested by Miss Woo of
, who tagged me the other day. She also showed me how to link, for which I am very grateful!

So here's the bag itself:

You may have read a couple weeks ago of my joy at finding this in the Debenhams sale for 70% off (says a lot about my taste, that the loveliest bag I can fathom should be reduced by so much!) I wear it to death now.

Onto the entrails...

Handcream and organic lipbalm. I am addicted to hand cream. I apply it embarrassingly often! I don't even have dry mits, I just like the feeling of slightly greasy hands. Don't ask me why. I got the lipbalm in Fenwicks over xmas. I was looking at all the yummy expensive cosmetics and just wanted to buy SOMETHING so i felt posh. So I got this lip balm for a fiver. It's a bit shit but It has a pretty owl on and smells nice so I am sticking with it.

That's my light up mirror! An amazing invention, I'm sure you'll agree? 'Santa' got it for me.

Dior mini perfume.

Vulgar metallic '08 diary. I hope to fill it up with lots of exciting activities!

That's my keys. My mum got the emo-esque lanyard for me. It's very handy when you have a bag as crammed as mine, as it takes up a larger area and so the keys are easy to find! I have a magic 8 ball on there, which I love.

So that's my bag!

Onto my chosen victims....

Flying Saucer
, The Clothes Horse , Yonctopus and Strawberry Milkshakes - I wanna know whats in your bags! If you've already been tagged then ignore this, and you don't have to do it if you don't wanna.

Lots of Love to y'all x


  1. This handbag taging business is fantastic, it gives me a chance to indulge my nosy-ness!

    Your handbag is lovely, I much prefer things that havea distressed look to something too polished.

  2. I love the bag... I haven't found anything nearly as lovely in the sales!
    Great blog, will be linking you dear


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