I am a bad blogger!

Sorry I've been a lazy-arse. Am up to my eyes in a new job and sorting out an application for uni. Am hoping to study Fashion Promotion at Rochester. Fingers crossed! My new job is so sweet. Working at this tiny cafe in town which is all organic-y fair trade-y stuff. It's very hip! I like it. Don't hate me for my laziness.

Got tagged by lovely Miss Woo (cheapskatechic.blogspot.com), but I haven't a clue what to do! I am okay with posting the innards of my bag - thats simple enough for me, but A) Do I have to personally comment all of the people I want to tag:? and B) How do I do a link to their blogs in my blog?

Sorry to sound dim, I promise I'm not. Help me, someone! xxx


  1. Oops, sorry for tagging you when your so busy! Glad the new job is good at least.

    Also, if you wanna link someone in your post, you just need to highlight the name and press the 'insert link' bottom to enter the link. Hope that helps!

  2. Don't apologise! I have taken the pics, all ready to post! It's just finding the time at the mo. I apologise to you for having to endure the contents of my bag! It is a bottomless pit of crap!
    I'll try and fathom this linking business. Thanks for your help x


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